Advantages of Bitcoin payment with the Coinsnap module

Following the integration of the Coinsnap payment module, the eCommerce retailer now offers its customers a new payment channel that makes all other known payment methods look old in terms of security, user-friendliness and costs:

If the end customer has selected a product for e.g. €100,-, he can simply click on the button “Pay by Bitcoin”. The module then automatically converts the Euro amount into Bitcoins in the background, based on the current market prices, and asks the buyer to transfer the corresponding Bitcoin amount to a Bitcoin Wallet.

Bitcoin formula is the first address for all online merchants

Once the payment has been successfully booked, the merchant receives Bitcoin formula notification of the successful receipt of payment and can ship the ordered goods or provide the service offered on

Coinsnap prepares a statement of account for the merchant and pays the product price in Euro to the account specified by the merchant – additional bookkeeping for Bitcoin sales is therefore not necessary, nor is it necessary for the merchant to keep its own Bitcoin Wallet available.

Even if the merchant sells goods worth €100,- against Bitcoins in his shop, he still receives €100,- billed and paid out. He doesn’t need any previous Bitcoin knowledge for this, nor does he have to take care of anything except to integrate the Coinsnap payment module into his shop once.

Coinsnap offers the merchant a unique complete package consisting of shop module, conversion of the Bitcoin exchange rate, recording of the incoming payments of the Bitcoins and sale of the Bitcoins on the stock exchange as well as booking of the payment amount in the “official” shop currency on his account in a cost-effective, easy-to-install process.

About Bitcoin trader

Coinsnap, one of Europe’s leading Bitcoin trader payment providers, specialises in Bitcoin payment solutions for eCommerce, digital content and services tested by onlinebetrug.

The Dutch Bitcoin payment provider is part of a group of companies, some of which have European financial institution licenses, and is led by a management team that has acquired the highest level of expertise in the most diverse online payment methods for global online providers in over twenty years of cross-system payment processing.

As a full service Bitcoin payment provider, Coinsnap offers its customers the complete processing of all payment transactions with Bitcons: For over 30 of the most important shop systems, Bitcoin shop modules enable the integration of Bitcoin payments at the push of a button. Coinsnap assumes all risks (including exchange rate fluctuations) and thus saves the merchant all possible “headaches” when dealing with this alternative currency system. In addition, Coinsnap offers – for proprietary shop systems – an easy-to-integrate API connection.

Coinsnap thus enables online merchants to pay their customers for their goods, services or goods simply and inexpensively via Bitcoin.

Coinsnap is the first address for all online merchants who want to offer their worldwide customers payment via Bitcoin and at the same time attract millions of additional customers.