27. September 2023

Crypto currencies are establishing themselves as a means of payment in the gaming industry.

A successful pro-gamer, i.e. a professional “gambler”, has signed a contract with the e-sports subsidiary of the financial group SBI Holdings, and will thus receive his salary in the future in the form of the crypto currency XRP.

Kengo “Ken” Suzuki is a professional gamer in the video Bitcoin Machine game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (SSBU) and has now signed a contract with SBI e-Sports. The company is a subsidiary of the Japanese SBI Holdings. Ken is best known for his skills with the fighter Sonic.

According to a press release dated 15 October, Ken is now part of the new SSBU team of SBI e-Sports. This also means that the “gambler” will receive his salary in XRP instead of Japanese Yen. Thus the team “meets the wishes of the player and the cooperation with SBI VC Trade”, the investment company of SBI Holdings.

In a tweet on October 15, Ken confirms that he is now part of the SBI e-Sports SSBU team.