The Youtuber with 50 million MrBeast subscribers adopts Brave rewards (BAT)

Youtube star MrBeast recently started using Brave Browser Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards. This opens up this cryptocurrency to a large audience.

Youtubeur MrBeast adopts Brave BAT

The news was relayed by batgrowth , a service which tracks the adoption of Brave Rewards. Yououtuber MrBeast currently has 50.2 million subscribers , so many people could be exposed to Basic Attention Token (BAT).

MrBeast’s interest in BAT is not entirely a surprise, the Youtubeur has already published several videos on the theme of cryptocurrency . It is also estimated that a good portion of his fortune is due to his investments in Crypto Genius, although the exact amounts are not known. As MrBeast’s account is “verified”, he may start receiving tips from his followers. He has not yet posted any content explaining how Brave and BAT work.

Le Basic Attention Token (BAT) de Brave profite du bull run

Brave’s BAT had a relatively unhurried 2020 year in terms of pricing. By August, however, the altcoin had managed to exceed $ 0.40 , but the soufflé had subsided, and the end of the year saw it exceed $ 0.25 only once. However, it is currently benefiting from the bull run and the enthusiasm that drives the altcoin markets.

For two days, the BAT price has been climbing sharply, taking + 28% and again approaching $ 0.30 :

Basic Attention Token BAT Brave course

This morning, the capitalization of the BAT amounts to 401 million dollars . It should be noted, however, that Brave’s assets are still far from their record level: they had reached 0.95 dollars in January 2018.